Most Exciting Swimming Competitions of the 2000s

Competitive swimming can be one of the most exciting competitions in the world of sports. And the real swim racing enthusiasts know the thrill behind it all. The uncertainty of these aquatic races is exactly what makes them so amusing. As a matter of fact, many sportsbooks offer promo codes such as the bet4pride promo code around the big swim racing events – and one can tell how popular they truly are!

As the years go by, more and more new swimmers and athletes are pushing the boundaries and breaking world and Olympic records. During the past decade, there have been some incredible swim races with various distances, and styles such as breaststroke, butterfly, or freestyle.

If you are curious to find out which might be the top swimming competitions in the past ten years, stay tuned!

World Championships in 2012 Men’s 400m Freestyle

It is widely known that Park Tae Hwan won the 2012 World Championship 400m freestyle in the men’s category. Even if the course of the race wasn’t steady, and the outcome wasn’t what most expected, Hwan managed to win the title. And not only that! The swimmer managed to end up first, even if he was even fourth during the race. With 3 min 44 sec, he was close to breaking the world’s record!

Olympics 2008 Men’s 400m Freestyle Relay 

This was a successful year for Jason Lezak, who managed to help the USA win the 400m freestyle relay in the men’s category and take the gold home from Beijing. Once he bypassed Alain Bernard, it was obvious that Lezak and Michael Phelps, Garrett Weber-Gale, and Cullen Jones are going to finish the race victoriously. Moreover, the quartet managed to set the new world record with their 3 mins 08.24 seconds.

2011 World Championships Women’s 200m Individual Medley

When Ye Shiwen managed to pass Alicia Coutts and Ariana Kukors in the 2011 World Championships Women’s 200m Individual Medley, everybody suddenly knew the name of this young girl from China. With only 15 years, Ye claimed that this medal was the hardest one in her career up to that moment. The swimmer managed to swim the field on the freestyle leg and end up first with 2:08.90 time. 

2012 Olympics Men’s 100m Freestyle

Even if nobody could ever imagine that this could happen, since the obvious favorite was James Magnussen, Nathan Adrian managed to win the 100 m freestyle at Olympics. In fact, the USA swimmer won by 0.01 sec. This swimming race was really tight, but, unfortunately,  the Australian didn’t get to take the gold medal home. 

2008 Olympics Men’s 100m Butterfly

And who can forget any of the legendary swimming races of the famous Michael Phelps? One seems to stand out, and it is definitely the 100m butterfly in Beijing 2008. The swimmer’s seventh gold medal wasn’t certain at all, as he has Milorad Cavic leading through the entire race. However, the situation changed near the finish line. Even if everybody thought that the gold was already in the hands of the Serbian swimmer, Phelps managed to touch the wall of the pool first.