How to bet on swimming

When my brother-in-law, a gamer, first took me to a local swimming competition, I was skeptical, as I didn’t care much for it, and had no real desire to leave my computer. I mean, why would I – Unibet has games too, right? However, a whole new world opened up to me. Scores upon scores of people who wore nothing but Speedo’s and a swimming cap stood as my tools and obstacles. It was time to use careful planning, studying of individuals and their statistics, and win big.


Let us cover the basics. These are a matter of course, but we shall go over them once, just in case. Betting on swimming is very similar to betting on most other sports events, races included, of course. You simply choose the person you believe will emerge victorious. But you cannot do that betting blindly. Unless you truly possess some sort of supernatural luck, betting on a random swimmer will just make you lose money and time.


Each swimmer has a history, except newcomers, and even they have some type of score sheet that lets them compete in the first place. Find out all you can about the swimmers – where they are from, what their best time is, whether they have been involved in a scandal of some sort, or anything else that might make them lose their head when it counts. All of these are valuable variables.


Forget for a second that luck exists. Similar to car races and horse races, there is a favorite to win, as well as the underdog. There is also everything in between. Betting on a favorite seems most secure, and will, therefore, give you the least winnings. Bookies have to eat as well, don’t they? Betting on the underdog might provide you with a significant financial gain, but it is also the riskiest. The reason for the potentially ridiculous profits is that there is very little chance for the underdog to win. Bear that in mind.


Remember to bet responsibly. Placing a wager is something that is supposed to be entertaining with a chance of also becoming profitable. Gambling is a poor replacement for a real job and income. Set aside a small amount of money you will use to bet, and don’t go over it. This will also prevent you from spending money you don’t have, which could put you in a pickle.


There are shady characters. Ignore the guy who knows a guy – there is no telling whether or not you will see a payday. Place your bets in a legal and clean setting, with a bookie you know and you can trust. Don’t borrow money, and don’t announce your winnings to the world.

Types of Betting

There are several kinds of wagers, but the most prominent one is undoubtedly Moneyline, which is a kind of bet where you simply pick a winner. Each swimmer has designated odds, and that’s it – no muss, no fuss. What I mean to say is, in that case there are no complicated betting schemes. You can also place a placement bet, or, depending on your bookie and the environment in which you wish to wager a little bit of cash, you can come up with your own personal type of wager that suits everybody involved.

Final Thoughts

Structurally speaking, there is no great difference between swimming, horse racing, dash races, marathons, and any type of race that involves engines. So, basically, the same betting principles apply. Do your research. Pick a winner, or a placement. Pay close attention to the safety tips. Stay safe and have fun.