Caeleb Dressel – the Heir of Michael Phelps

After bedazzling his name with 28 medals and having five successful Olympic Games, Michael Phelps retired in 2016. Luckily for the United States, it seems that the person most likely to replace Phelps is also an American swimmer – Caeleb Dressel. Since the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo is rapidly approaching, it might be useful for us to get familiar with this name as it will surely leave a mark on all of us watching. In these cases, betting sites where you can get great bonuses such as the Bookmaker registration bonus come in handy since we already know who we’ll be betting on. 

Michael Phelps’s legacy

Michael Phelps had a carrier many swimmers could only dream of. He represented his country in as many as five Summer Games and managed to take home 28 medals. This has, completely rightly, earned him the title of the most successful Olympian ever. And not to mention that he still holds the record of 8 gold medals won at the single Olympic Games. Such achievements seem unbreakable, therefore they won’t be easy to beat. However, if there is anyone who could get even close, it’s Caeleb Dressel.

Who is Caeleb Dressel?

Caeleb Dressel is an American swimmer born in Florida in the year 1996. Becoming a professional swimmer was apparently in his cards, as he was born into a family of swimmers – all three of his brothers and sisters are competitive swimmers. In 2014 he started the University of Florida where his collegiate career began, even though his swimming career began a long time before that as he was the youngest male swimmer at the 2012 US Olympic Trials. He graduated in 2018, ready to show the world his unbelievable abilities. 

Why is he the heir of Micael Phelps?

At only 23, Dressel is already a world record holder. That’s right! He holds world records for the 100-meter butterfly as well as 50-meter freestyle. He also holds many national records, so it isn’t that surprising that he is the number one candidate for taking Michael Phelps’s records. So far he has won two Olympic gold medals and an amazing number of medals at the World Championships. Not to mention that he still has many years of competing before him, so there’s no telling what more he could accomplish. 

What does he think about this?

What’s great about Caeleb Dressel is how down to earth he is. When asked if he believed he could break Michael Phelps’s Olympic records, Dressel replied that that isn’t important to him. He added that long as he got the chance to swim and compete, he would be happy. Well, if he enjoys what he does, his carrier will be more than successful even if he doesn’t break a single record.