Best Swimming Apps for Android and iPhone Devices

Swimming is believed to be the healthiest sport out there, as it builds your muscles, keeps your spine in place, and boosts your metabolism. If you have been wondering whether to visit a pool and enjoy swimming, several apps could enhance your swimming experience. Let’s take a look at the most popular ones related to this activity that you can find on both the Google Play Store and the App Store.


MySwimPro contains hundreds of workouts that you can use to improve your swimming technique. However, the most significant advantage is its tracking system which you can use to get the most out of your training and track your performance. The app has a very straightforward interface and simple yet effective design.

Betting on Swimming

If you like watching professional swimming, there are a couple of exciting betting apps that include this sport as well. There are also many promo codes online that punters could use to claim welcome bonuses and start betting on swimming.


SwimIO follows a concept similar to MySwimPro, apart from a small feature that makes all the difference. Namely, users can create and join challenges in order to enjoy swimming together, even though they are thousands of miles apart. Furthermore, the app contains a database of pools, and you can turn on your GPS to locate the nearest ones.

However, the primary purpose of the app is to track your progress. You can also set your goals and use SwimIO to accomplish them faster.

Apnea Training

Apnea Training is not a swimming app per se, but it can nevertheless help you improve your swimming technique. It is a breathing app which has a lot of swimming exercises that you can use on a daily basis to train your lung capacity. This will inevitably increase your swimming performance and bring better results.

Swimming Step-by-Step

Swimming Step-by-Step will improve your overall swimming technique as it contains dozens of tips and tricks that only professional swimmers apply. Even if you are a complete beginner, you will have an opportunity to read about swimming and understand the basics of it. Although merely reading about swimming will not result in you learning how to swim, it is always better to enter the water knowing a thing or two about this sport.

Google Maps

If you have been wondering whether a pool is worth visiting, you should check with Google Maps first and read more about its location, ticket price, open hours, and more. Furthermore, you can access the user review section and read the reviews from people who have already visited the pool that you are interested in. Finally, you can use Google Maps to find various beaches if you prefer swimming in the open water bodies. Happy swimming!