It is a common misconception that only people who want to take part in competitions should join a swimming club. Our club is open to both amateur and professional swimmers of all ages. In our opinion, clubs play an important in the well being of members and community as a whole.

Stay safe

We encourage members to develop their skills and push their limits to progress on the path they choose. Besides, swimming can get you out of life threatening situations or can make it possible for you to save the life of others. It is our vision that everyone should learn how to swim for exactly these types of situations.

Dedicated coaches

We carefully select our coaches to help you grow because we understand how important a mentor is for the physical performance and psyche of an athlete. Many world class athletes did not come to the pool thinking to go pro. They were either taken by their parents during childhood or they started with their mind set on improving their health and mood. Their coaches played an important role in making athletes aware of their talent and all the great things they could accomplish if they put in the hours.

Stay healthy

What if you are not interested in professional swimming? Should you shift your attention away from this sport? Well, let’s consider the main health benefits and we will let you make a decision.

Swimming allows you condition your cardiovascular function like no other sport
It increases muscle strength while protecting your joints. It can thus be practiced by seniors too.
Swimming increases flexibility
It’s a perfect way to lose weight

Get social

Apart from these health related benefits, there are other implications to consider. Your social life will be improved because you will interact with the other club members. Besides, improving your physique will give you more self confidence and you will find it easier to engage in conversations. Swimming can be very relaxing after a hard day at work. That’s why it’s sought a lot by those who have desk jobs and by those with very stressful professions that require a lot of decision making. In fact, sedentary people are actually encouraged to swim because it stretches the muscles and it sort of compensates for not being active for the rest of the day.

So, we welcome you at our swimming club to recreate, train or improve your health. Whatever your goal is, our coaches will help you achieve it.