5 Most Popular Swimming Brands of All Time

Swimming is a sport that you can do with or without professional gear, but it is always better to be equipped with appropriate wear and other things such as goggles and caps in order to improve your experience. Even if you are just a beginner, using a branded swimwear could make a difference and help you improve your swimming skills.

Therefore, we made a selection of five brands that we consider the most popular nowadays. Let’s take a look!


Since 1973, Arena has been making the lives of many professional swimmers easier. The brand was an official sponsor of many Olympic gold medal winners and was created by Horst Dassler who was inspired by Mark Spitz’s performance during the 1972 Munich Summer Games.

Nowadays, it is one of the most recognized swimming brands in the world, and many popular athletes such as Adam Peaty and Sarah Sjostrom choose it in order to increase their performance during swimming.


Speedo has a much longer tradition than Arena, as it was established back in 1914 under the name Fortitude. In 1928, they were rebranded as Speedo and became one of the most recognizable brands not only in the swimming world but also among other sportspeople who are not into swimming at all.

Today, this brand is regarded as one of the most valuable ever, and they even sponsored Michael Phelps himself a couple of years ago. Some other names that are proud team Speedo include Missy Franklin and Nathan Adrian.


Founded by Bronze Olympic Medalist Steve Furnis and swimwear designer Joseph DiLorenzo, TYR has grown into quite a large brand, although their speciality is gear required for triathlons. The brand was established in 1985, and it is nowadays regarded as very popular, especially among Triathlon athletes.

MP Michael Phelps

The swimming legend Michael Phelps parted ways with Speedo and decided to start a swimming brand of his own. Bob Bowman, his coach, and Michael founded a company they named Aqua Sphere that started making MP line of products. The company was established in 2015, and it is one of the newest players on the market. Although they are still way behind the companies such as Speed and Arena, they are doing a pretty good job and offer competitive swimwear and other related products.


Adidas is one of the oldest companies for making sportswear in the world that was established by Adolf Dassler back in 1895. Although it is a fashion brand nowadays, they also make various pieces of swimwear as well. You can also find many types of swimming goggles and other related products in their offer. Although their swimming products are still not as good as Speedo or Arena, they are staying competitive in the swimwear market.