3 Things Swimming Will Teach You About Life

Swimming is a sport which is very beneficial to the human body. By being beneficial to the body, it is also beneficial to the mind. Some people do not know the extent of its good effects, but even professionals are struggling to discover all of them.

Swimming can leave you feeling refreshed and can help you recover from an injury. Swimming is often used to get people back into shape after injuries, or people who are extremely overweight. Water removes some of the weight limits and actually turns it into an advantage.

Swimming can also teach you about life. What can it teach you? Well, here are some suggestions.

Swimming is a Life Lesson in Itself

If you want to get really philosophical about it, swimming can be compared to life. If you try too hard, get tense and tight, you will sink, there are no two ways about it. Relax, lie on your back and you will float, though you risk the current taking you away somewhere, who knows where. You can add a little effort to steer yourself towards a destination, but if it’s too little effort, you will still be carried away by a current. 

If you add more effort, you can choose your own destination while also avoiding that very current. Add too much effort and you will get tired and probably get cramps or even die. Add just the right amount of effort and you can swim for a very long time and reach almost any destination. Have that in mind the next time you step into a body of water.

It’s About Control, Not Power or Stillness

Controlling your actions is very important. If you are driving a car, you will not keep flooring it all the time. You will end up losing control and hitting who knows what at unspeakable speeds. You can add some throttle here and there, but you need to go in a controlled manner, especially if there is a lot of traffic and you are on a curvy road.

Swimming is very similar to that, too much or too little power and you will not like the results. 

Anything is Possible

Swimming can be a bridge to many places. You were overweight, now you’re of an average weight. You were skinny, now you have muscles all over your body. You were injured, now you are healed and you can continue to run or do your other exercises. Swimming can heal wounds and turn people’s lives around, literally. 

Swimming can teach us multiple things, from how to recover, to how to find the necessary balance to do almost everything in life. Sometimes you go hard, sometimes you relax completely, but for most of the time, you are in motion, slow and steady.