Most Exciting Swimming Competitions of the 2000s

Competitive swimming can be one of the most exciting competitions in the world of sports. And the real swim racing enthusiasts know the thrill behind it all. The uncertainty of these aquatic races is exactly what makes them so amusing. As a matter of fact, many sportsbooks offer promo codes such as the bet4pride promo code around the big swim racing events – and one can tell how popular they truly are! As the years go by, more and more new swimmers and athletes are pushing the boundaries and breaking world and Olympic records. During the past decade, there have been some incredible swim races with various distances, and styles such as breaststroke, butterfly, or freestyle. If you are curious to find out which might be the top swimming competitions in the past ten years, stay tuned! World Championships in 2012 Men’s 400m Freestyle It is widely known that Park Tae Hwan won the 2012 World Championship 400m freestyle in the men’s category. Even if the course of the race wasn’t steady, and the outcome wasn’t what most expected, Hwan managed to win the title. And not only that! The swimmer managed to end up first, even if he was Read more

Olympic Swimming: A Brief Travel Thorugh History

When speaking about swimming as a sports or recreational practice, there has been some evidence showing that it dates way back. Starting from painting, scripts, to the famous books ancient books where swimming was mentioned – the Bible, the Quran, etc. Moreover, Olympic swimming has its own long and rich history. If you want to learn more about the roots of this amazing activity, stick around and dig deeper into the history of Olympic swimming. Where it All Began The first swimming organization on the global level was created in London. Ever since 1837 swimming was regarded as a sport, and what logically comes with sports? Racing and competitions. The first-ever official swimming competition happened in Australia, and soon enough, it started to happen on an annual basis. These were the first steps toward competitive swimming as a discipline.  As far as the Olympics are concerned, swimming was included from the start. The first Olympic games as we know them today, in 1896, included swimming.  First Years of Olympic Swimming During the first 16 years of the Olympic Games, swimming had only the male category. women category was introduced a bit later, in the capital of Sweden – Stockholm. Moreover, Read more

Caeleb Dressel – the Heir of Michael Phelps

After bedazzling his name with 28 medals and having five successful Olympic Games, Michael Phelps retired in 2016. Luckily for the United States, it seems that the person most likely to replace Phelps is also an American swimmer – Caeleb Dressel. Since the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo is rapidly approaching, it might be useful for us to get familiar with this name as it will surely leave a mark on all of us watching. In these cases, betting sites where you can get great bonuses such as the Bookmaker registration bonus come in handy since we already know who we’ll be betting on.  Michael Phelps’s legacy Michael Phelps had a carrier many swimmers could only dream of. He represented his country in as many as five Summer Games and managed to take home 28 medals. This has, completely rightly, earned him the title of the most successful Olympian ever. And not to mention that he still holds the record of 8 gold medals won at the single Olympic Games. Such achievements seem unbreakable, therefore they won’t be easy to beat. However, if there is anyone who could get even close, it’s Caeleb Dressel. Who is Caeleb Dressel? Caeleb Dressel Read more

Things to Know About Betting – Responsible Betting Tips

Betting has been a popular pastime, and for some people, professional activity, for quite some time now. People have lived off playing poker or writing guides on how to be better at gambling. Given gambling’s nature, which often relies on luck as opposed to skill (some games being an exception, like poker or blackjack, which require skill to an extent), guides are often redundant or simply inaccurate. A guide offering you the best Grand National betting tips might help you choose the right strategy and get to know the jockeys and horses taking part in the race, which is something you could’ve done on your own, given enough time and interest. Here is what you need to know in order to get better at betting, especially if you want to bet responsibly. There Are no Safe Bets Every time you place money on a bet, you are by definition betting on an outcome which you cannot influence, where the odds might be in your favor, or against you. Either way, there are no safe bets, so the best betting strategy is to avoid betting completely and turn towards something concrete and where you could easily calculate the wins and losses. Read more

Euro 2020 vs 2020 European Aquatics Championships

2020 will be an important year for European sports, as two major competitions will take place then. Football and aquatic sports lovers will have an opportunity to watch their favourite athletes compete for trophies, and preparations have already been underway. Let’s briefly compare the two competitions and see what we can expect from them. Euro 2020 2020 UEFA European Football Championship, which is also known just as UEFA Euro 2020 or Euro 2020, is the next big thing in football, given that it is the most popular sport in Europe. Qualification matches will decide which teams are going to participate in the final competition, and given that the last four World Cups were won by European countries, we could expect some really great football. Naturally, the favourite for winning Euro 2020 is France, but there are other strong teams that are expected to perform well this time. Apart from the outstanding performance of Croatia which ended up second in the World Cup, football fans believe that other superpowers of this sport, such as Germany, Spain, Italy, Portugal, and England, have similar chances of winning the Euro 2020. Unlike the World Cup which is usually hosted by one or two countries, Read more

5 Most Popular Swimming Brands of All Time

Swimming is a sport that you can do with or without professional gear, but it is always better to be equipped with appropriate wear and other things such as goggles and caps in order to improve your experience. Even if you are just a beginner, using a branded swimwear could make a difference and help you improve your swimming skills. Therefore, we made a selection of five brands that we consider the most popular nowadays. Let’s take a look! Arena Since 1973, Arena has been making the lives of many professional swimmers easier. The brand was an official sponsor of many Olympic gold medal winners and was created by Horst Dassler who was inspired by Mark Spitz’s performance during the 1972 Munich Summer Games. Nowadays, it is one of the most recognized swimming brands in the world, and many popular athletes such as Adam Peaty and Sarah Sjostrom choose it in order to increase their performance during swimming. Speedo Speedo has a much longer tradition than Arena, as it was established back in 1914 under the name Fortitude. In 1928, they were rebranded as Speedo and became one of the most recognizable brands not only in the swimming world but Read more

How Good Is Swimming for Horses?

Modern humans are aware of the fact that swimming is very beneficial for their bodies — even in the midst of winter, we like to visit indoor pools. Apart from helping us relax, swimming improves our fitness, builds muscles, etc. So it is no wonder that both pet owners and animal trainers started thinking about incorporating swimming into their animals’ workout routine. In fact, most racehorse trainers believe that swimming is one of the best workouts for horses because it provides them with a good training session that helps build overall muscle strength and stamina. In addition, swimming helps horses develop healthy lungs. If you like horse racing, you should learn more about Cheltenham — one of the most significant horse racing events in the world. So if you are thinking about placing a bet on your favourite horse in Betway, make sure to learn more about the Cheltenham first. Swimming as a Workout While taking your dog to the beach and letting it swim a bit has been a thing for quite some time, most dog owners don’t actually do that to improve their dog’s fitness or muscles — they are doing it for the sheer fun of it. Read more

Best Swimming Apps for Android and iPhone Devices

Swimming is believed to be the healthiest sport out there, as it builds your muscles, keeps your spine in place, and boosts your metabolism. If you have been wondering whether to visit a pool and enjoy swimming, several apps could enhance your swimming experience. Let’s take a look at the most popular ones related to this activity that you can find on both the Google Play Store and the App Store. MySwimPro MySwimPro contains hundreds of workouts that you can use to improve your swimming technique. However, the most significant advantage is its tracking system which you can use to get the most out of your training and track your performance. The app has a very straightforward interface and simple yet effective design. Betting on Swimming If you like watching professional swimming, there are a couple of exciting betting apps that include this sport as well. There are also many promo codes online that punters could use to claim welcome bonuses and start betting on swimming. SwimIO SwimIO follows a concept similar to MySwimPro, apart from a small feature that makes all the difference. Namely, users can create and join challenges in order to enjoy swimming together, even though they Read more

How to bet on swimming

When my brother-in-law, a gamer, first took me to a local swimming competition, I was skeptical, as I didn’t care much for it, and had no real desire to leave my computer. I mean, why would I – Unibet has games too, right? However, a whole new world opened up to me. Scores upon scores of people who wore nothing but Speedo’s and a swimming cap stood as my tools and obstacles. It was time to use careful planning, studying of individuals and their statistics, and win big. Intro Let us cover the basics. These are a matter of course, but we shall go over them once, just in case. Betting on swimming is very similar to betting on most other sports events, races included, of course. You simply choose the person you believe will emerge victorious. But you cannot do that betting blindly. Unless you truly possess some sort of supernatural luck, betting on a random swimmer will just make you lose money and time. Statistics Each swimmer has a history, except newcomers, and even they have some type of score sheet that lets them compete in the first place. Find out all you can about the swimmers – Read more

Best swimming strokes / styles for weight loss

Swimming is awesome! It is a great way to take care of your body, without really noticing it. While many people go on vacation to the beach and come back looking refreshed, it is not just the sun and the break from work. That comes from swimming as well. You may have noticed, on occasion, that your body is tighter, has better tone and form and that’s all because you spend a lot of time swimming. Does this mean that you should include swimming in your next diet and exercise plan to lose weight? Absolutely. We are about to embark on covering different swimming styles. The reason is simple: to see which muscle groups are working the hardest, as well as what leads to weight loss, as opposed to what leads to building muscles. Here are some styles and their effect on your body. Front Crawl This is the swimming style most people are taught when they are learning how to swim. It is effective, since it gets you from point A to point B in no time. What else does it do? Front crawl strengthens our back muscles. It also tones your buttocks, stomach and shoulders. The reason Front Read more

Should You Swim on a Team or do it as Your own Individual Sport?

Many people around the world love to swim, and some call it their favourite sport of all time. However, if you ever feel like you can do more, do you ever think about what it would be like to swim on a team? Or are you on a team, but feel the need to try something by yourself? We tell you what both sides of the story are like, and you decide which one seems the best for you. Every person is different from the next, so the opinions really differ from all around the world.   Individual Sport You can swim in your own lane and try to better yourself by racing against the time you are supposed to be done in. It’s all about making sure that you are getting better day by day, and not too much worrying about racing against other people. Most people would rather be a part of something in the winning process than claim something all to themselves. However, if you try it out on your own, you may find that the silence could help you concentrate and it could help you on your way to the end of the lane. Some people Read more

How to Become a Better Swimmer

Health benefits of swimming are well known. Swimming is one of the best cardio workouts or aerobic exercises you can do. Swimming regularly helps you maintain a healthy weight, healthy heart and lungs, as well as build muscle strength. It provides an all-over body workout. You will strengthen your shoulders, back, legs, hips, abdominals, glutes and more. Moreover, water exercise is fun and relaxing. (Speaking of fun, you can also check out this Jewel Action slot overview). All this makes swimming into an excellent fitness activity! If you want to become a better swimmer, you should make swimming your weekly routine. Commit at least three days a week. Start with 10-minute sessions, then gradually push on to 30 and more. Here are some useful tips and exercises to improve your swimming: Practice different swimming styles. To develop backstroke, practice a simple drill of flutter kicks on your back while one arm is raised. Switch arms after a lap and then finish with a lap of normal backstroke. For strengthening your breaststroke, focus on your legs, trying to rhythmically bend them, open and then snap them together. Using a kick board to support your arms can also help. “Fingertip drag” drill Read more

Swimming for children – when to start

Swimming is beneficial for people of all ages, starting with infants and going all the way up to seniors with health issues. It’s no doubt that learning how to swim will help your child on all accounts, but what is the right time for that? Some might say that the proper time is when you’ll be able to afford swimming lessons. If you’re having financial difficulties, why don’t you try this William Hill promo code 2017 to get online casino games offers? This might be your chance to pay for those lessons. All kidding aside, when you start asking parents when should a child start how to swim, you will get very different answers. Some will say that the child should at least be in the first grade to understand what’s happening around him while others believe that the earlier, the better. Let’s review the information available out there to determine when it’s best to sign your child up for swimming lessons. According to this study, children are most likely to learn how to swim at the age of 5 and 6. There are facilities where special coaches work with infants and toddlers aged 2-4 years. Now, don’t imagine a Read more